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Congratulations you've hit the golden years!  However, there is still many questions as to what will best suite you to supplement you medicare health plan.  Where you live and how much travel you plan to do will greatly affect the type of medicare supplement you should be using.  Below is just a few of the most frequently asked questions

Who does Medicare Cover?

  • People age 65 and over
  • People Under 65 with certain disabilities
  • People of all ages with end stage renal failure (permanant Kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kindnet transplant)

What does Medicare cover?

  • Part A Is insurance covering most inpatient hospital care or Hospitalization, skilled nursing facility care, home health care asnd hospice care.  Most people dont pay a premium for Part A because they or a spouse already paid for it through there payroll taxes while working.
  • Part B is insurance for outpatient and doctors services.  Part B also covers some physical and pccupational therapist services, and some home health care.  Most people pay a monthly premium for Part B which is deducted from your social security check.  Monthly cost for 2010 is $96.40 and you must apply for Part B.
  • Part C refers to Medicare Advantage plans.  Part C plans provide additional benefits to Parts A and B.  This means you will have all Part A and B benefits possible Part D benefits with a range of premium options.
  • Prescription Drug Coverage also known as Part D, provides coverage for some of your presciption drugs.  Most people will pay a monthly premium for this

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